KUTLAN & PARTNERS was established in 1952 by our founder Müfit Kutlan who was a former "certified public accountant examiner" of the Turkish Ministry of Finance. After the new tax and audit law in 1988, the company was certified to perform tax and audit service acts on behalf of the Turkish Ministry of Finance.

Since 1999 as an active member of Geneva Group International (GGI- www.ggi.com) one of the worlds leading networks of independent professional law, accounting and business consulting firms all over the world, KUTLAN & PARTNERS has a presence in more than 126 countries. GGI is currently represented by 623 member firms throughout the world. Prof. Dr. Kutlan is chairman of the accountants division and also serving as a member by the Executive Committee.

Our mission is to provide an extensive selection of tailor made business, tax and advisory services across a wide range of markets and industries. Our dedication is reflected in our industry expertise, market contacts and customer knowledge. 

Our mission

Our focus is on client satisfaction. Our ability to conduct quality, resultoriented services enables us to exceed client's expectations and ensures their full satisfaction. Our services are designed to solve problems. We are constantly innovating to find new ways to bring value to our clients and help them achieve their business goals.  

Our vision